You can bet on professional online sports in jiliko

jiliko uses sportsbooks provided by two of the most well-known online sports betting providers, SBOBET and SABA Sports, and it is also a professional platform for betting on a variety of sports.

  • Online Sports

    In jiliko, online sports is the game that will always grab the attention of players. You know the big sports events including World Cup, Olympic Games, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, NBA, FIFA and other major sports events or Thailand's favorite sports events such as Football Ba. S. Volleyball and eSports, which can give you the highest prize payouts.

  • Virtual Sports

    There are many types of virtual sports, and this type of game records previous events through a computer or using a computer-designed sports screen, which generates random wins and losses in the virtual sports. We have games for you to bet on, such as horse racing, dog racing, Muay Thai, cock fighting, or other sports events such as soccer, basketball, etc. can be placed in virtual sports.

jiliko Sports has a professional sports betting experience in addition to the fact that you can bet on sports events at reasonable prices. Not only that, you can also get higher rewards than other brands, so don't be discouraged if you lose more in-game money. You may win up to 0.6% every Monday as long as you reach the lost bonus amount.

Sports Game Providers

jiliko has 2 professional sports betting providers, both of which are very popular in the industry and are partnered with many online betting sites. They use reasonable odds for each type of bet and also use a fast and easy system. You can visit jiliko online sports anytime to bet on the type of game you want to play.

SBOBET sports

This is not only a professional sports betting provider, but also a favorite online sports betting site for many players. The brand offers multilingual versions for its multiplayer sports betting fans. SBOBET values each and every customer and strives to serve all players, giving you the best gaming experience and a safe and comfortable gaming environment.

SBOBET has won the EGR Asia Operator of the Year Award for the second year in a row and is regarded as a premium online sports game company, with over 1,500 sports events held weekly on its Asian handicap. The list of sports games includes the latest technology in soccer, tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball and e-sports.

At SBOBET, you can try your hand at betting on international horse racing in the UK or Ireland. Or virtual sports, they use advanced video technology, each game is beautifully animated, has a programmable digital ambush system that uses specialized win-lose results, and it keeps players amazed and fascinated by these games.

Join jiliko today and enjoy a professional and engaging online sports betting experience with the sports games you want to play at reasonable and affordable prices.

SABA sports

SABA Sports is the leading online sports service provider in Asia. You can bet on a wide variety of sports events and they host over 5,000 sports events every month. Fortunately, SABA has very good odds and betting options, and the brand has also developed various formats for different regions and markets, with Asian, European and international versions, they are the best platforms for games. Many sports games allow players to enter the game and place bets at any time, allowing us to share the fun together.SABA Sports has more than 300 business partners with us.

Most importantly, it provides quick access to online players and the site also offers a lot of news and information related to sports around the world, whether you want to bet on sports and win big prizes or awards, or find sports programs here you can enjoy the perfect experience with us at any time.

Now, whether you are using IOS or Android, or a computer or iPad tablet, it is very convenient to be updated with the latest sports matches 24 hours a day.

Online Sports Betting Channel

The interesting thing about sports betting is that there are many different sports to choose from, both live and non-live, virtual sports individual matches or team matches in this sport you can also choose from a variety of betting methods, you can use this method of betting, the most common sports betting methods are over/under bets, full/half time, 1X2 handicap.

  • Asian Handicap

    Also known as the Asian Handicap, this is a way to balance out the difference in target power between the two sides. The Asian Handicap reference is similar to the European Handicap, and it is widely believed that the Asian Handicap is in the early stages of conversion based on European odds and after a period of comparison a table comparing European and Asian odds has been prepared.

    This makes betting even more exciting, as there is no problem with a strong team against an underdog, so the point spread is the dividing line between the two sides, with the passer of the ball called the top spread and the receiver of the ball called the pick spread.

  • Champions prediction

    This is a way of predicting or predicting goals for the championship team, which is often found in the Champions League, World Cup or major competitions such as the English Premier League or NBA, where the player has not yet started the game and can place a bet at any time. If your prediction of the team's result in the match is what you expect, then you will be rewarded with the game item of your choice. Usually they offer promotions that are very useful for players.

  • Over/Under Betting

    You can use this method to place bets on various sports games, predicting that the total points scored by both teams at the end of the game will be greater or less than the total points scored by both teams in soccer, basketball, baseball, eSports, etc.

  • First Half / Full Game

    First half and full game predictions are another way many players place their bets, with both teams predicting the outcome of the first half and the outcome of the full game in a scoreless tie. "Away" means the away team wins: Home/Home, Home/Away, Home/Away, Away/Home, Away/Away, Away/Home, Home/Tie, Tie/Away and Tie/Draw.

  • 1X2

    This is the official game betting format and this betting method is the main popular betting method along with the handicap. This betting method means that you can bet on the home team to win or the team to win or draw, these are the general situations in the game: bet 1 = bet on the home team, bet 2 = bet on the away team and bet X = bet on the draw, i.e. the home and away teams are tied.

General Sports Games

jiliko offers a variety of sports betting options, including not only (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football and college basketball), but also virtual sports (racing, UFC, boxing, tennis, golf). We will introduce you to the list of favorite sportsbooks for Filipino players.

  • Soccer

    When it comes to this sporting event, it is not only a favorite among Filipino players, but also a favorite sportsbook for players all over the world. Players can bet on the best soccer online at, or they can excitedly predict the outcome of the match. The world of big soccer matches, whether it's the World Cup, Europa League or Premier League, can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  • Basketball

    NBA basketball is also one of the biggest sports in the world. The game is very fast paced and the rules of basketball are just like soccer, just watch the game in the stadium and you will be excited. Players can bet on NBA basketball games on jiliko, and you can even participate in NCAA college basketball tournaments. And, trust us, you can bet on the best games at jiliko.

  • Boxing

    Boxing has a long history that continues to this day. It is a type of fist, knee, elbow and foot, while international boxing uses only punches, the types of Muay Thai matches are also categorized by weight and the players on the field are selected by the elite. This game requires close combat martial arts. The game consists of 10 rounds, up to 12 rounds. Of course, everyone can place bets with our jiliko.


ESports is the latest in sports betting, jiliko offers players a gaming scene full of excitement and thrills for semi-professional and professional tournaments with many types of games, fighting games, FPS, MOBA, indie games and more. There are many famous racing games such as Dota2, LoL, Overwatch, PUBG, Free Fire and CS2, organized in many different formats.