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For jiliko, it can be said that there is an all-inclusive online slots camp. This camp has a variety of online slot game providers, as there are many different betting options and game themes like this one, so that all players who come in will not feel bored. Here, we will rank the most popular online slots in jiliko.

First place: ROMA

ROMA online slot game is an exciting story set in the 1980s Roman Empire with a very interesting theme. It is a game featuring the strongest characters or animals of the time. It is a game with 5X3 reels. The WILD symbols in the game are the pictures of Roman warriors. Also, the Hundred symbols are the pictures of the Roman arena. There are 15 paylines in the Roman arena and the payline conditions must be arranged in order from left to right.

Second place: SuperNuibi

This is a classic slot game with only 3 reels where you have to arrange the same type of cow symbols. Once you enter the game, you will find the game very simple.

  • 3 Green Bulls x28 times
  • 3 Red Bulls x58 times
  • 3 Yellow Bulls x88times
  • Bonus 8x, no matter what color the bull appears in the real slot

Third place: SuperNiubiDeluxe

This is an enhanced version of SuperNuibi, you can see that the image quality has been improved even more and the way to get prizes has been increased, it is a slot with 3 reel slots, when you enter the game you will clearly see how to get the prizes.

  • 3 Green Bulls X28 times
  • 3 Red Buls X58 times
  • 3 Yellow Bulls X88 times
  • 3 Purple Bulls X888 times
  • Bonus 8 times, no matter what color the Bull appears in the real slot, you will be rewarded.
  • You will also be able to trigger the bonus with Purple Bull + any cow, from which you can get X18 bonus.

Fourth place:OpenSesameII

This is an upgraded version of Sesame Open Door game, this is Sesame Open Door II, it is a 5X3 reel, this game has 2000 times bonus and 243 payment methods, Ali Baba will use the password to put the gold coins into the treasure, the player must follow Ali Baba through a series of adventures to get the bonus.

  • The WILD symbol of this game is the picture of handsome and brave Ali Baba
  • The FREE SPIN symbol is the treasure phase this symbol will only appear on reels 1, 2 and 3.
  • Treasure Box Bonus: This bonus appears only on reel 3 and can be multiplied by up to 5 times.
  • Coin Special Symbol: This symbol appears on reels 3, 4, 5, odds 2, 10 and 40, where the points are multiplied by the bet.

Fifth place: Super Ace

If you like to play poker you will definitely be interested in this game. It is an online slot machine from JILI with 5X4 reels. The poker is the symbol of the game, which has up to 1024 paylines and a progressive jackpot of up to 1500 reels.

  • The game's best matching symbols are the red joker and the blue joker.
  • The SCATTER symbol is a gold coin and if you get 3 of these symbols, you can enter free spins.
  • The Ace of Spades symbol is the game's Ace symbol and has a maximum bonus of 2.5x.
  • All other game symbols are variants of poker cards.

jiliko Best Slot Games Provider

jiliko has many interesting online slots, including a large variety of traditional slot games and other types of slot games. jiliko works with many game providers who offer many interesting and special online slot games, and we would recommend these reputable game providers to you.

  • JILI

    JILI is providing 5+ stars for this game camp for players worldwide. There are now a large number of players playing JILI, and you will find that JILI is growing in the industry and constantly optimizing their system. For the best gaming experience, JILI contains beautiful graphics and great gameplay. The camp is a game provider you can't afford to miss.

    JILI slot games in jiliko; Super Ace, Chin Shi Huang, Night City, Charge Buffalo

  • JDB

    JDB Slots is a very original game. It is a game they developed themselves. In jiliko, there are two main game sections, online slots and online fish shooting, each game is carefully designed. And it can be played on the computer 24 hours a day. You can play with confidence, because JDB is the best slot game provider in Thailand. If you are new to the game, we recommend you to try this brand.

    JDB slot games in jiliko; SuperNiubiDeluxe, OpenSesameII, Winning MaskII, LuckyFuwa


    This is a very famous slot game provider and I am sure that many of you have heard of them and they were voted as the best slot game provider in 2020. They are famous for their old fairy tale game themes as well as their clown games, their slot games are full of mystery or fairy tales, these games are usually easy to understand and the betting method is simple and easy to follow. You don't even need to spend a lot of money for each spin.

    JOKER slot games in jiliko Lucky God Progressive, Sizzling Hot, Joker Madness, Fish Hunting: Golden Toad, Fish Hunting: Da Sheng Nao Hai

  • PG

    PG soft is a global provider of online slot games that has attracted a lot of attention in the industry and has featured classic games in the past few years. Founded in 2015, it focused on the development of online slots and only gained international attention when it made its debut at the ICE Totally Gaming show in London in 2017. They are known for their fine quality slot games and are currently working with many online casinos as a premium brand.

    PG slot games in jiliko; Caishen Wins, Lucky Neko, Mahjong Ways, Wild Bandito


Full name is Spadegaming's online game provider. The core design of the brand is to combine global cultural elements with stunning graphics and stunning sound effects to provide a truly immersive gaming experience. Their games are promoted on European entertainment sites. Of course, SG's online games are also said to be highly respected by players, and SG is also a legal online gaming company, so as long as you are 18 years old and above, you can safely access the games they offer.

SG slot games in jiliko ; Sweet Bakery, Brothers Kingdom, Fishing God, Alien Hunter

Slot machine game types

Slot games have always been popular among players, not only because of the simple rules, but also because it has many types to choose from. Slots are divided into several categories: classic slots, video slots, progressive slots, 3D slots, and jackpot slots ...... Of course, there are many types of slots that are really great. You can play three types of slots in jiliko, one is the basic classic slots, the second is the most common video slot and the third is the progressive slots.

  • Classic Slots

    This is the oldest and most classic type of slot machine. It is a slot machine based on the original fruit machines, with simple graphics and rules, paylines and graphics that are even simpler than other types of slots. You can find classic slot games like SuperNuibi and SuperNiubiDeluxe on jiliko. These can evoke nostalgic feelings in many players.

  • Video Slots

    Video slots are one of the most common types of slot games on online casino sites and the most common slot games on jiliko. With many beautiful game matches and a soundtrack to immerse yourself in the game, we offer many top video slots to all players in order to give them the best experience in the game.

  • Progressive Slots

    Progressive slots are played in the same way as regular online slots. These slots will accumulate jackpots, and as soon as players invest more money, the jackpots will be even bigger. Of course you will get more bonuses. These slots have a very high jackpot, but also a high betting amount.

Free spins feature

The Free Spins feature you can get your winnings by activating the scatter symbol to enable this feature in the game. You can bet on jiliko bonuses without spending any money and, more importantly, you have the opportunity to get more special bonuses.

jiliko online slots are fair, honest and attractive

jiliko's partner game providers use random number generation technology in their online slots games and are third party certified by the Professional Casino Association, the British Gaming Association and the GPI, proving that jiliko games are accurate and extremely protective of players' interests.