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jiliko is a legal online slots service website that has passed the strict scrutiny of the Philippine Gaming Commission and Macau casinos, and after passing the GLI test for manufacturer verification, it can be said that jiliko is a fair online gambling website where the security of players' personal and transaction information is strictly protected. We strive to provide every player with the most comfortable, safe and fun gaming experience, so that you can enjoy our games and earn real money.

Steps to register with jiliko

You must first apply for a personal account and password. This is simple: enter the official website, type jiliko in the search field, and enter your account and password at the top of the page. If you are a new player, please click on the application button next to it or scan it with the QR code to apply.

Whether you are using a computer or a smartphone (IOS or Android), you can access the application form page.

First you need to fill in:

  • Account: Register with your ID number
  • Password: The password you want to use to log in to the game
  • Re-confirm your password
  • Email: Your email address
  • Referrer ID: It is recommended to enter jiliko's friend code
  • Verification Code: Enter the verification code on the screen
  • Click on I accept the terms and conditions set by jiliko, then click "Sign Up"

Then click "Register"

Steps after application

On the left side of the jiliko page, you will see a service bar where you can quickly find the solution to your problem. Of course, if you have enough time you can also view our questions and answers for players. This is a form where jiliko has helped customers to deal with their problems, the list is clearly labeled and easy to use. We will continue to develop the site and strive to fully serve our players!

After filling out the application form at jiliko, we recommend that you add both of our customer service hotlines to your friends list and make jiliko our team will be available 24 hours a day to provide solutions to your questions and queries.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Service

  • Promotional Bonus Service

You can contact jiliko customer service using LINE, saving players a lot of waiting time and you don't have to worry about your data being compromised, you can provide one-to-one information and ask questions immediately and securely.

Promotional Bonus Service

If you have any questions during the game, you can ask them through jiliko customer service. After clicking in, you will see a chat box, which is jiliko's online customer service, where you can tell us your question or query and get a quick answer.

Download the application

If you are currently using your computer but you want to play jiliko all the time, we have a handy app button for you to use. jiliko Mobile Casino allows you to play anytime, anywhere on any device, whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, and enjoy thousands of online slots at any time.

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Now you don't have to look for a specific phone to use as a slots site, we have optimized the site using high end technology that allows jiliko to scale freely on your screen, keeping the online slots game prototype.