Fishing Games

Online fishing makes it fun for players who place their bets every day

As you know, the most popular game options at jiliko are not only online slots, but also online fishing games. Many of the casino providers that jiliko works with also develop fishing games, for example, many players choose JILI as a popular and trusted game provider. There are many original titles and each game has a cute and interesting style, so if you like this genre, don't miss it. jiliko is an online casino that allows new players to try out games for free, including JDB, SG, KA and PS, which we believe is a good choice for you.

  • 1.
    Saving ammunition is very important in this fishing game, the ammunition you use in the fishing game is the amount you bet. Therefore, we recommend that you aim for easy small fish because your ammunition will quickly disappear in large quantities if you keep chasing high scoring fish.
  • 2.
    Using different shooting angles of attack is very suitable for new players, if you are a new player this method works for you, it allows you to attack more fish. And successfully save ammunition can be said to be two birds with one stone.
  • 3.
    Mastering how to shoot is a practice that many players have long been accustomed to in the game, and this method is similar to the second method. It also tells you to pay attention to angles and good opportunities when shooting at fish.
  • 4.
    You should not shoot at random to avoid using empty ammunition, and if you have limited funds you are not suitable to chase big fish because they need more expensive ammunition to attack them.

jiliko fish shooting games

The leading online fish shooting provider is also a game provider that offers a lot of slot machine games. They have their own unique style of game items, detailed graphics style, underwater world games that will relax your mind and body. Now there are not only marine themes, but also other unique themes.

  • Aliens have invaded the planet, and it's up to you to save it. This Alien Hunter game is a simple yet challenging action game from the creators of Contra. Your goal is simply to destroy as many enemy aliens and protect civilians as possible until you can reach your spaceship and escape.

  • The cat is sitting on a spaceship and continues to destroy the world in space, you will have to defeat. KA Games has created a detailed style game with rich graphics and an exciting animated soundtrack, you can now try this game on the jiliko website.

  • Bird theme

  • The more beautiful feathers good figure bird grade only means the higher the grade of the bird, JOKER launched the bird king competition, is the shooting game in the shooting fish.

  • Air battle theme

  • This game is an air combat game, reminiscent of many players' childhood memories. Inside the red and white machine also like this plane game, customized by the game provider KA to enhance the performance of this game, can aim and attack and can attack the enemy battleship to gain rewards.

  • Historical war theme

  • Game provider KA has created a wide range of slots and fishing games online. Adding these stories to the game based on Asian stories will also bring a lot of exciting and interesting experiences. The story of this fish shooting game is based on three famous characters from Chinese history, all three of them from the story (Three Kingdoms).

Target in shooting game

This fish shooting game is very interesting and is the second choice of many players who love slot games. In which you must understand the special characteristics of each fish in the game;

Common Fish > These are the small groups of fish, or lower scoring fish, that are commonly seen in the game.

Item Fish > These fish have many special items on them, so if the player wants to receive this special item he should try to shoot it down.

Boss Fish > Even if the boss fish has a high score, it will appear in different scenes with a unique style, but it is not easy to shoot it down.